Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Students Want Better Food, Cafes in Libraries

This article focuses on the trend of catering to student tastes in food (mainly at Rutgers), which is part of the larger trend to offer more amenities such as updated gyms, swanky dorms, and, yes, new libraries. Since group study is now a "trend," the author seems to invent the idea of the lone sophomore in a darkened library. (Old libraries were dark?) And couldn't they find an example of a college library cafe in New Jersey?

College dining takes a giant leap into the present: "There is more communal studying now than ever before, with the era of the lone sophomore poring over John Donne late at night in a darkened library long gone.

'Students these days tend to study in groups, and in some cases, there is a cafe in the library -- like at the University of Pennsylvania -- where they can get a range of things to have while they study, from coffee and tea to Danishes, salads and sandwiches.'"


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