Monday, October 17, 2005

Candidates weigh in on future of Douglass

Candidates weigh in on future of Douglass: "Republican Doug Forrester called upon the state university to save Douglass College, the historic women's college slated to be downgraded to a residential campus under the proposal.

'I come down on the side of Douglass as a women's college,' Forrester said at a 'Women for Forrester' event in Newark.

Forrester, surrounded by female business leaders, his wife and daughter, said maintaining a women's college at Rutgers will help produce female leaders.

'The work that Douglass does is inextricably related to the opportunities that we have in New Jersey to encourage the full participation of women in business and government and all social institutions,' he said.

Democrat Jon Corzine's campaign released a similar statement praising Douglass. But Corzine's statement stopped short of urging Rutgers President Richard McCormick to keep Douglass a college.

'Jon Corzine has said consistently that he supports the principles of Richard McCormick's plan and he respects the autonomy of institutions of higher education and their ability to change with the times,' said a statement released by the Corzine campaign.

Instead, Corzine called on Rutgers to 'make it a priority to maintain the unique resources of Douglass College.'


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