Monday, December 19, 2005

Student newspaper adviser removal at OCC raises censorship concerns

Student Press Law Center - News Flashes: "Ocean County College's board of trustees voted unanimously Monday not to renew Karen Bosley's contract as the student newspaper adviser – a move some said they believe is an act of censorship.

'The general consensus among the staff is that it is a complete and utter travesty,' said Scott Coppola, editor in chief of the Viking News. 'The college, by removing her, is removing one of the key people in fighting for student rights, and by doing so, it's an attempt to control the newspaper altogether and to censor us.' Bosley has served on the Student Press Law Center's board of directors.

Bosley said she thinks she was terminated as the paper's adviser because of a number of stories the paper has run criticizing the college's president and his administration."


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