Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NJ Clean Energy School of the Year: Monmouth University

NJ Clean Energy School of the Year: Monmouth University (West Long Branch, NJ)

Award criteria: A public or private educational institution that demonstrates that energy efficiency and/or renewable energy is just plain smart when it comes to saving energy, lowering costs, and protecting the environment.

Monmouth University, a small liberal arts college in West Long Branch, NJ is recognized for its commitment and energy leadership encompassing renewables and conservation. The recent installation of a 454 kw solar PV system is noted as being the largest installation at an institution of higher education east of the Mississippi River - saving the university an estimated 468,569 kwh a year or $150,000 in electricity costs. In addition, the University has undertaken extensive building upgrades and renovations that will save 1,302,386 kwh annually and about $150,000, which contribute to the University's environmental stewardship and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

From: Clean Energy is Smart Business in New Jersey; Clean Energy Conference and Awards Highlight Business Leaders, Renewable Energy and Public Benefits (19 September, 2006)


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