Friday, April 27, 2007

Viewpoint: The knowledge gap narrows

A 200-year-old American publisher is completing the circle of knowledge. Peter Booth Wiley, chairman of John Wiley & Sons in Hoboken, New Jersey, has academics in India developing a new series of customized, electronic books that may one day become remedial text in U.S. universities.

India today represents Wiley's fastest-growing market, expanding at an annual 25 percent pace. That compares with a two-year average growth rate of 4 percent in Wiley's U.S. sales, Bloomberg data found. India is also emerging as a key center for developing educational content.

Wiley's new series of textbooks will be delivered electronically - as PDF files. They will be tested initially at second-rung engineering universities in India before being taken to China. If the experiment succeeds, the U.S. market may be the next destination, Wiley said.

Read the entire article (International Herald Tribune/Marketplace by Bloomburg)

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