Monday, August 11, 2008

NJ Multimedia Firm Releases New Metasearch Tool

NJ Multimedia Firm Releases New Metasearch Tool []: m0rpheme is a metasearch tool conceived by the developers of Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications LLC. The tool enables you to compare searches across four different search engines [Gnostix Navigator, hakia, Gnostikon, Dogpile] for more comprehensive search results.

The Gnostikon finds .edu and .gov domains, based on keyword. A superb research tool when you want information from only the most reliable sources.

Search hakia, the semantic search engine. One of the first of its kind, hakia has many features of comprehensive, relevant semantic search, including images, a "who else has searched for this term" feature. and a "recommended most relevant site" feature.

Try Dogpile, a metasearch engine created by the developers at InfoSpace.Com. Dogile delivers results from several of the major search engines for more comprehensive search results.

The Gnostix Navigator delivers search results from the nation's top academic libraries. It is a custom-built mini search engine - called a search roll. College and university databases frequently contain more reliable and contain more thorough, rigorous information.

[Source: m0rpheme: opiate of the masterminds]

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