Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Official accuses Rose of bilking college

"Mercer County's inspector general yesterday accused the president of the county community college of holding parties at his home, friends' houses and the college conference center and improperly billing the college for them.

College President Robert Rose also allegedly paid for his legal bills without the approval of the college's trustee board, took home alcohol from college events, charged personal expenses to his college credit card (generally reimbursing them within a month), improperly charged college travel expenses to a college credit card and failed to keep proper records for business expenses.

College trustees received copies of the report Friday, but Rose's lawyers, Lewis Pepperman and Kevin Hart, said they only were given a copy of the report yesterday.

They expressed outrage about the report being released to the public and press before they and their client had a chance to respond to all the accusations and characterized the release of the report as absurd, inflammatory and irresponsible. "


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