Monday, November 14, 2005

MSU Holds Academic Integrity Week

Cheating, plagiarizing and lesser ethical offenses are definite concerns of the faculty, staff and students at Montclair State, said Michele Campagna, director of the university's New Student Experience office. Campagna helped coordinate the week's events, which included several lectures and discussions about academic honesty and ways to create an environment in which students are less prone to cut corners.

One of the week's discussions focused on whether the university should begin to use an Inter-|net database service called to help professors detect plagiarism. Fairleigh Dickinson University and Rutgers University already make the service available to their faculty.

Several years ago, Montclair State checked into the service but decided against using it, said Luis Rodriguez, associate dean of library services for public services. Rodriguez said the library staff sees many students who come to the library in a state of panic before a paper is due.

Academic Integrity In Spotlight


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