Friday, October 28, 2005

Seton Hall demotes administrator who criticized church

Seton Hall demotes administrator who criticized church: "
An associate dean of Seton Hall University's College of Arts and Sciences was demoted by the Catholic school's administration after he wrote a letter to The Star-Ledger critical of the Roman Catholic Church's stance against homosexuality.

The letter by W. King Mott, 44, a tenured associate professor of political science who has been an associate dean for three years, appeared in The Star-Ledger's Reader Forum on Oct. 19, and said the Catholic hierarchy wrongly attacks gay priests and unfairly blames them for the clergy sex scandal.

'The bottom line is, you're talking about a homophobic institution,' he said last night. 'The Roman Catholic Church is prima facie homophobic. The Roman Catholic Church considers me to be inherently disordered. I don't know how much more homophobic one can be.'"


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