Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Symposium on the Future of the Integrated Library System

Symposium on the Future of the Integrated Library System - was a very successful event and broke expected attendance numbers undoubtedly due to the timeliness of the content. Those who were unable to attend now have a second chance to hear the presentations due to Lincoln Trail Libraries System having recorded the sessions and having now placed the podcasts on a website for access by all: http://lincolntrail.typepad.com/ilssymposium/ Included are presentations by: Carl Grant, President of CARE Affiliateson the ILSmarketplace, from a vendor perspective and a second presentation on OpenSource Software as well as presentations by Karen Schneider, author of Free Range Librarian, Rob McGee, President of RMG Consultants, Chip Nilges, OCLC and several others. "I thoroughly enjoyed this Symposium and believe there was valuable content for all librarians." said Carl Grant, President of CARE Affiliates, "I know I've talked to many people who said they wished they could have attended and I think it is to be commended that they now have the chance to virtually attend those presentations through the excellent work of the Lincoln Trail Libraries System."

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