Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mack-Cali's Hersh Appointed to Montclair State University Board of Trustees

Mack-Cali's Hersh Appointed to Montclair State University Board of Trustees: "Mack-Cali Realty Corporation (NYSE: CLI) today announced that President and Chief Executive Officer Mitchell E. Hersh has been appointed to the Board of Trustees at Montclair State University (MSU).

Hersh was nominated by Acting New Jersey Governor Richard J. Codey last month and recently confirmed by the New Jersey State Senate. Hersh will serve a six-year term, beginning February 2006."

Prosecutor's tough ultimatum gives many a reason to hope

Prosecutor's tough ultimatum gives many a reason to hope: "The U.S. attorney may have read the riot act to UMDNJ's board of trustees and may even be ready to run the place himself. But to those who have been following the institution's yearlong string of scandals, it is a sign of hope."

Paper adviser's ouster stokes free speech

APP.COM v4.0 - Paper adviser's ouster stokes free speech | Asbury Park Press Online: "It's time for Larson to end the heavy-handed way he deals with OCC's award-winning Viking News staffers, who periodically criticize him and bring to light campus concerns. They're doing their job as journalists on what they call New Jersey's first community college newspaper."

Monday, December 19, 2005

Corzine on Patriot Act

KHON2 : "'I think there are real problems inside the Patriot Act,' Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J., told FOX News on Friday, including the provision that allows the government to search library records without judicial oversight.

'It's not that we shouldn't have the ability to protect the American people ... but I think we need some checks and balances. We lose to the terrorists when we give up what America is about, which is a country of freedom and rights,' the New Jersey governor-elect added.

Corzine said extending the provisions would be better than letting it expire, but there are problems with funding and civil liberties in the current version of the bill. He said the bill also needs to focus spending on a threat-basis, not political whims.

'We're not doing it on a threat-basis and adequately putting money where the risks are,' Corzine said."

Drexel enlarging its presence in New Jersey Drexel enlarging its presence in New Jersey: "One of Philadelphia's top higher education institutions is expanding its presence in New Jersey.

Drexel University next fall will start granting bachelor's degrees in applied sciences to students taking classes for all four years at Burlington County College's Mount Laurel campus. "

Student newspaper adviser removal at OCC raises censorship concerns

Student Press Law Center - News Flashes: "Ocean County College's board of trustees voted unanimously Monday not to renew Karen Bosley's contract as the student newspaper adviser – a move some said they believe is an act of censorship.

'The general consensus among the staff is that it is a complete and utter travesty,' said Scott Coppola, editor in chief of the Viking News. 'The college, by removing her, is removing one of the key people in fighting for student rights, and by doing so, it's an attempt to control the newspaper altogether and to censor us.' Bosley has served on the Student Press Law Center's board of directors.

Bosley said she thinks she was terminated as the paper's adviser because of a number of stories the paper has run criticizing the college's president and his administration."

Windmills will power up Rowan

Windmills will power up Rowan: "Large 380-foot-high windmills visible from the White Horse Pike in Atlantic City will be providing Rowan University 3 percent of its energy next year, an investment that is part of an overall effort to reduce greenhouse gases on the Glassboro campus."

Friday, December 16, 2005

From the public library world...

E.B. library official ready for next chapter: "E.B. library official ready for next chapter
Jason R. Stone credited with broadening services as director "

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Drew to join new conference

Daily Record - Drew University - Drew to join new conference: "Drew University is among eight mid-Atlantic colleges which have agreed to create a new Division III conference they hope will further highlight their commitments to academics and athletics."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Campus says yes to gay marriage

Campus says yes to gay marriage: "Princeton's Undergraduate Student Government (USG) winter ballot - which normally consists solely of candidates for office - featured a referendum question asking students if they thought the USG should sign an amicus brief on behalf of plaintiffs in Lewis v. Harris, a case seeking marriage equality for same-sex couples. The case is currently on appeal in the New Jersey Supreme Court."

Corzine names advisory panels

Corzine names advisory panels: "Corzine announced advisory panels for the budget, property tax reform, economic development, labor and work force development, child welfare and public education."

Not clear if public education includes higher ed. Note NJ is facing a $ 5.3 billion budget deficit.

Rowan alums get solar panel nod

Rowan alums get solar panel nod: "Two Rowan University alumni recently received a contract to design and install solar panels on the first building of the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University.
Digneo, whose grandfather was also an entrepreneur who started DiBruno Brothers House of Cheese in Philadelphia, worked with Rowan's Rohrer College of Business and College of Engineering to realize his dream of starting his own company."

Keep 'Adam and Steve' Out of His In-Box. Is That So Hateful? - New York Times

Keep 'Adam and Steve' Out of His In-Box. Is That So Hateful? - New York Times: "Keep 'Adam and Steve' Out of His In-Box. Is That So Hateful?"

Yale and Columbia Grad Teachers Strike for Union Rights

AlterNet: Yale and Columbia Grad Teachers Strike for Union Rights: "Over 1,500 graduate teachers and union workers from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey left their posts in labs and lecture halls and rallied in New York Wednesday as part of a week-long strike for union recognition at the two campuses."

Friday, December 09, 2005

Rutgers to Makeover College Ave

Rutgers to Makeover College Ave: "The state university has narrowed to five the number of architectural firms in the running to design a $300 million makeover of its historic College Avenue campus."

Senate expands NJ STARS program

Senate expands NJ STARS program: "The Senate voted 37-0 to approve a bill that would expand the state's NJ STARS program, which enables students who graduate in the top 20 percent of their high school class to attend any New Jersey community college for free. About 2,500 students are now in the program."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

MSU and the Challenges of Growth

Cole said she believes Montclair State "is a great university and can be even greater." It is lofty goal. No doubt her zeal will be kept in check by the surrounding communities who see more traffic, less parking and more students as a negative rather than a plus. It will be tenuous balance to maintain. But New Jersey must make a commitment to its public universities and colleges. Higher education is not a luxury; it is a requirement for the success of future generations of New Jerseyans. Yet support of public education is a political football - whether it is growth at Montclair State or deciding where to site a middle school in Clifton, education suffers when it succumbs to the whims of politicians and not the needs of students.
MSU Grows